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NJ Republican Reps Join Letter on AM Radio

NJ Congressmen Jeff Van Drew, Chris Smith, and Tom Kean, Jr. have joined 99 other Representatives in a letter to auto manufacturers penned by Rep. Bob Latta (R-OH5) and Rep. Greg Pence (R-IN6) which asks for responses on a number of questions related to the removal of AM radio in some automobiles.

The letter, found here, expresses concern for the 45 million listeners to AM radio used in both rural and urban areas as well as the importance of AM radio in the event of an emergency.  

Among the questions asked, the group asked for details on all federal loan, grant, and tax incentives the companies have received and if those subsidies could offset the cost to mitigate inteference with AM in receivers.  The letter also asked automakers to detail whether they plan to charge customeres for subscription-like access to free over-the-air radio in the future.

The NJBA thanks the three Representatives for joining the letter and supporting AM radio across New Jersey and the United States.

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